The Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel was made to bring enhancements to the general site managing interface. The prior Control Panel leader – cPanel, was created back in the year 2000 and has never gone through an essential advancement ever since. The Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel is based on the concepts of today, providing ease of use and intuitiveness to all site administration tasks you can bring to mind.

Scroll all the way down and compare the 2 Control Panels, get to know more about their positives and negatives and discover which one of them could match your preferences best.

1. Domain/invoicing/web site settings

If you would like to maintain your domain names, web sites and billing from just one login page without needing to utilize any extra interfaces, the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel is exactly for you.

The cPanel Control Panel doesn’t provide concurrent control over domains and websites. You have one billing panel for your domain names and invoices, and another Control Panel for your websites.

2. File Hierarchy

Handling a number of domains and sites from a single cloud hosting account must be a piece of cake. With the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel, every single domain name and subdomain is situated in an independent directory and is totally independent from the rest.

If you attempt to take care of a variety of websites from one cPanel website hosting account, it might be quite a bit confusing. You’ll have one principal site and all extra sites and subdomains will be included into its folder as sub–directories. If you need to avail of a different folder for each site, you must use separate Control Panels for each.

3. File Manager

Using the File Manager in the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel, you’ll get 100% control over the data files of your sites. It will be easy for you to quickly upload new files by using drag & drop functionality, successfully change a few files simultaneously via the multi–selection option, unzip archives with a mouse click, modify files with the builtin generic and WYSWYG editors and a lot more.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and constrained in features. Uploading many files demands a great deal of time and and won’t include drag–n–drop support. The built–in archive/unarchive tool is untrustworthy and the file managing tools make available just basic controls. There isn’t immediate access to the available file managing characteristics.

4. Freely available Gifts

Using the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel, you you’ll receive a good deal of 100–percent–free gifts developed by us. They come absolutely free with each web hosting package, which works with Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand’s Control Panel. With each package, you have available instruments like the Instant Web Site Installer, the Web Apps Installer, the PHP Framework Installer, the Cost Free Website Generation Instrument, a collection of Advanced Applications, and even more.

Each individual website hosting company providing cPanel decides on its very own exactly what no–charge bonus features to include in your website hosting package. Also, since cPanel is a commercial Control Panel, the complimentary bonuses must also be covered by the website hosting supplier. This will certainly boost the value of your hosting plan, so the totally free bonus tools listed in your plan will in fact be paid.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Speed

The Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel has been made employing the latest web related technologies. In this way, it employs fully the capabilities of your web client and Internet access to assist you to manage your sites fast. In our assessment tests, when conducting equivalent jobs, the Control Panel reached three times quicker rates in comparison to competitive control panels.

cPanel is still functioning on a platform from 2000’s and will certainly be sluggish sometimes. The cPanel team has made an important step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. However, in assessment experiments, standard web site administration tasks frequently display much better results with alternative Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain Control

With the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel, you are able to control multiple domains and sites from just one location. Transitioning between domain management and web site management is performed by just changing to a new section of the Control Panel. It is not necessary to sign into a separate user interface to manage your websites.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep things separate – you have to handle your domains from one location and your web sites from a different one. Each individual website has its own Control Panel. Controlling different websites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling simply because all added domain names will be held in the folder of the principal domain name.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel is really straightforward to browse through. You will have a practical top menu, from which you may get to virtually any area of the Control Panel, without needing to get back to the main page every time. Plus, we’ve integrated a simple statistics module on the main page, so any time you sign in, you’ll have information of exactly how many visitors have visited your website.

On the cPanel main page, you will see icons for all parts of the Control Panel. So, even if you never click on an area, you will still find it on the index page. Also, to switch between the different sections, you have to browse back to the main page and afterwards head to another section.

8. Test Accounts

With the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Control Panel, we have put together a feature–rich demo for you to check out prior to signup. You’ll have access to a demo Linux web hosting account where you can create mail addresses, deploy applications, create new sub–domains, and also make a website using any of Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand’s web–site constructors, etc. Should you like what you have come up with – you you can easily sign up within the demo account and keep the things you have created thus far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is just a screen–shot of what is inside the primary menu. Virtually every capability that is shown included there is inaccessible. This way, when you enroll, you will have no idea how the displayed instruments and features of the Control Panel in reality perform.

Rather than just learning facts about the Cheap Web Site Hosting Thailand Hosting Control Panel, you can simply examine the Live Demo and find out yourself how effortless website administration may be.

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